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Friday, February 05, 2016

Port Moody Arts Centre Open House Tomorrow from 11-2pm - Oil Demo

Oil on Canvas - Work in Progress
All packed up and ready for the open house at Port Moody Arts Centre tomorrow from 11-2pm.  I decided to work on an oil piece tomorrow but I could not decide which painting to work on, landscape or seascape.

So I will bring both and either way it comes down to finishing...well hopefully finishing one of the paintings that I started several weeks...er maybe months ago.  I seem to have a bad habit lately of starting paintings and getting them nearly finished and then I get busy with other projects and forget about them.

If I work on this piece, I will work on pretty much everything but the focal point, the tree.  Well, knowing me I will tinker with that as well ;)  The seascape actually has more work to be done than this one There is just way too much green going on, need to break things up a bit and create more of a sense of depth.  The sea and sky while being a touch too light, are not nearly as light as in the photo, just my lack of photography skill I think :)

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