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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Student's Work from Drawing Classes

Drawing from Life - Seashell Block In
I am so impressed with all of my student's hard work so far! This student is working on her block in of the small seashell on the top of the still life stand.  This is her second drawing  that she has created at the studio and I am really so impressed with how much progress she had made already on her blocking in the subject accurately. 

Blocking in takes patience and the ability to really analyze what you are seeing, not what you think you are seeing. 

This is her block in completed and all ready for the next steps, the shading and turning the form.  So excited to see this progress to the next level!
Drawing from Life - Completed Block In of Seashell
If you are interested in take a drawing class with me or a painting class at Port Moody Arts Center, please check out my list of upcoming classes starting the first week of November.

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