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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Private Drawing Classes (only 1 spot left for this Wednesday!) and Studio Party

Well I had hoped to do a post about my Studio Party and then a post about private lessons separately but things are just moving too quickly to wait!

I am very excited to say that I will be offering private lessons! Spots have filled up so quickly that I only have one spot left which is tonight Wednesday Sep 23. Please contact me asap if you are interested as it is on a first come basis.

Over the summer months I decided to re-floor and paint my studio and clear out a lot (major understatement) of clutter that had accumulated over the years.  I am so excited about my studio renos that I forgot to take photos of the party all set up with the nibblies table but my hubby manage to get a few photos to share. I was worried things would be too crowded but even with 8 adults in the studio, there was still room for a kid or two to sneak in and raid the dessert tray unnoticed.

Today I took a few more photos to try to show the full studio. The first image below is the left hand side of the studio with very tall cabinets so that I can have still life set ups on the top shelf and still have plenty of storage underneath.  I LOVE how these bookcases fit 16x20" canvases and panels perfectly so they do not stick out at all.  I tend to bump into things.... a lot ;)  I have lights that clamp on the side of the bookcases so I can adjust the lighting for each set up easily to have full control over the form lighting.

The white cupboard contains all, well...most, of my still life collection, my most used brushes ( I still a ton of brushes in the closet on the other side of the room, ugh) and some sketches and studies on the top.  The fireplace is pulled out a few feet from the wall to allow for storage of drawing boards and holds my monitor on top for when I want to work from the computer screen rather than life or a photo. The wall across from the window (not in photo) has a large floor to ceiling closet that hides all my clutter..in an kind of organized way and has bifold doors so I can just close them and not see the odds & ends.

This image below is the right side of my studio and has my home made day bed that I have wanted for years!  The cushion on top is made from 2" think memory foam and is SO comfy. My hubby helped me make the cushion, no sewing thank goodness, and the pillow is temporary until I find the right pillows....I am thinking turquoise or red but I am still on the hunt.

I have more bookcases for still life set ups either on top or on the top shelf and tons of storage on the other shelves.  I really like having my casts hunging up on the wall and I get great natural light from the window which is super motivating to do quick sketches of the casts in between longer drawings and paintings. On the far side of the wall (behind the white door) I have a little closet that holds all my framed artwork so they are all out of the way.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking time out of your busy Sunday to join me for my little Opening Party!   I really enjoyed every one's company and it was so nice to have visitors in my studio as it is usually just me and the cat...for hours on end.  Last but not least....studio gifts :)  Artists always bring the best gifts, wine, chocolate, tea and a tube of oil paint that did not last long enough for the photo and is back in the studio waiting to be used ;)

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