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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Drawing From Life - Student Drawing Critique

Student Drawing - Graphite on Paper
This is a beautiful drawing one of my students completed and was brave enough to bring to class for a critique.  We used onions as part of our still life set ups during the class.  She followed the process we used in class and drew the onions from life and did an amazing job!

We did the critique during class but a few areas that the drawing could be improved are listed below:
  •  increasing the value range to create more depth on the onions paying close attention to how the light is hitting the object (we went over light logic in depth during class)
  • the cast shadow on the table especially where the onions meet the table need to be darker and help to ground the onions on the table
  • shading across forms to help objects feel like they are occupying the same space (and are just super fun to draw)
  • the center of the onion should not have such a strong value contrast, this area needs to be darkened as it is not receiving direct light
  • avoid solid lines such as in the stem on the smaller onion, they flatten the object and draw the viewers eye
 I look forward to seeing more of her drawings and paintings, they are a treat for the eyes :)  If you are interested in attending a drawing class with me, please visit http://www.stateofartportraits.com/art-workshops-lessons.htm for dates & times.

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