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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Non-Toxic Oil Painting Class at Port Moody Art Centre Progress - Oil Painting of Flower

oil painting, oil flower, still life, oil painting class
Open Grisaille & Closed Grisaille Demo
This class is flying by, only one session left!  We are working on a flower painting and will be starting the color layer this week, yay!

We started with a open grisaille or underpainting using only Burnt Umber to work out the value range.  This stage is fun as it goes so quickly and is done in one session so you really feel like you have accomplished a lot.

The second stage is the closed grisaille using paint mixed in even values of neutral gray from dark to light, or values 1 to 10.  Even though we paint over top of the Burnt Umber layer, the first layer affects the second just as the second layer will affect the third or color layer.

So this week we start the color layers, which can be tricky.  The great thing about this method is that at each stage of the process we are able to better judge our subject, the value range, painting handling etc so that by the time we get to the color layer, we can just focus mainly on color which take a lot of the pressure off!

The next beginner class starts March 23, please visit http://www.stateofartportraits.com/art-workshops-lessons.htm for more info and register by March 16 as spots are limited and classes are cancelled if  the minimum registration is not filled.


Unknown said...

This will be nice to come with non toxic oil painting classes.

Unknown said...

Very large number people are unaware of oil painting toxic nature. Non toxic oil painting classes is also be the best way to aware them for use these types of colors.