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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Absolute Beginner Oil Painting Students Hard at Work

 And no longer absolute beginners ;)  It is only the third class and I am so happy with the progress of all the artists in the class have made so far.  We are working from a photo for this class and as there are only 6 classes this time around, so we are working quickly!

During this class we worked on the Open Grisaille which is a painting of the subject using only a quick drying, transparent paint such as burnt umber.  Normally solvent is used during this stage but as this class is a non-toxic class, we used good old elbow grease instead :)

I love this phase of the painting as it is still quite loose and takes shape rather quickly which is really satisfying.  Once this layer is dry we will move onto the Closed Grisaille....fun!

The next beginner class starts in March, visit http://www.stateofartportraits.com/art-workshops-lessons.htm for more info.

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