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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Monochromatic Spheres....One is Never Enough

Monochromatic Sphere in Oil on Mylar
Monochromatic Sphere in Oil on Panel
Every time I paint or draw a sphere I learn something new.  I found these today while cleaning up my studio & getting ready for my Beginner Oil Painting classes that start on Monday.  There are still a few spots left,  for more information and to register visit http://register.asapconnected.com/EventDetail.aspx?pk=343460

The first sphere was painted on Mylar and looks very soft and blurry which is what I was trying to achieve.  Obviously I need a lot more work on drawing and painting straight lines, you would think that would be the easy part!  This was painted in one pass and could use a second pass to push the darker values more and have a better defined terminator.  Now that I found it I may have to do a second pass.

The second sphere was done on panel and I can't recall if it was done in one pass or two.  Again it could be pushed further so I will likely do another pass on both when I find the time.

It is funny, while working on these I do recall thinking they were horrible and I had planned on throwing them out but now that I see them I think, heck, not bad.  Distance is good :)

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