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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait - Elizabeth

Watercolor Portrait Commission - Elizabeth
Well I thought the portrait had not progressed much from the last update until I went to post the update on line.  I guess all those hours in the studio did pay off ;)

There are lines around her lips and jaw that need to be softened so that they will settle in and not look so harsh.  Her neck is getting  there but still needs to be darkened especially along the nape of the neck which will really help balance things out.  Her hair is pretty much as dark as it will get but I may add a few highlights and wisps here and there as well as make the lower portion more subtle around the highlighted area.

Her facial features and skin tone are getting pretty close to completion and now it is about softening any harsh lines, refining her features, darkening her cheek area, lashes and trying to push the forms as far as I can to create a more three dimensional look.  

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