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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait - Elizabeth
Initial Skin Tone Layers in Watercolor

Graphite Pencil Portrait Sketch

Watercolor Portrait Initial Washes
This is my latest commission that I am working on of Elizabeth.  The portrait commission will be a monochromatic watercolor which I love to do.  I really enjoy how the watercolor pigment builds up to create a glow from the white paper underneath.  I am using my favorite paper, Arches 140lb Hot Pressed that I stretch before starting.  Stretching your paper is the ONLY way to go as far as I am concerned! I have tried working on paper that is un-stretched and always find it such a pain as things just start getting good and then the paper buckles and how the heck can you judge proportions and accuracy with buckled paper?!!?

Her features are being built up quite loosely to start and will become more refined and the portrait progresses.  Her neck looks quite strange right now as at the nape of her neck it will become one of the darkest areas so I should address that this session to better determine the range of values.  Edges that have dried hard in some areas will also be softened before building up more form.  I love this part of the process as it is just so relaxing and enjoyable.  I have missed watercolor!

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