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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait Commission - Elizabeth Completed

Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait Commission
 I will see if my client has any edits needed but other than that I think she is complete!  I have been giving her "the eye" all morning from different angles and nothing has popped out at me so far.  Since the last update I spent a fair bit of time strengthening the shadow areas and refininh her features, softening edges along the way.  For this painting I used Daniel Smith Sepia watercolor pigment on Arches paper.  I often use Winsor Newton Sepia as well as it is great for cool dark areas but I really like the warmth of Daniel Smith's sepia for portraits.

This painting will be used on a book cover for a series of books that I have been fortunate enough to be commissioned for. 

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