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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Rescued Dog Portrait - Luna - Work in Progress

Luna - Graphite Pencil in Progress
Well I was hoping to post this completed but I needed to take a break! All that fur and the design on the pillow is what I loved about this portrait....and it is what I am loving "not so much" right now. 

It is taking many, many layers to build up the graphite the way I want it so I thought I had better take a break until I am back to feeling the love and not feeling lost in the weeds ;)

There is probably not a huge amount of work left to do but fresh eyes always makes for a better portrait so I am working on a still life for a bit and will come back to Luna. 

She is a beautiful dog that I started drawing during Pet Palooza earlier this year.  I am really liking the level of contrast between her and the pillow so now it is just about refining the fur and pillow design.  Then a bit of push and pull with the values and edges to make her body recede. 

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