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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Watercolor Portrait Complete

Watercolor Portrait Commission
Well I think she is complete and while I did not get her finished before the sun went down to get a photo with decent lighting....it did force me to try out the Speedlite 430EX II my hubby bought me...I think almost a year ago? 

Well, I don't know why I was so chicken to try it out and now wish I had tried it right away!  While the lighting is still not perfect, what a difference it makes and all I had to do was click it on and leave it in dummy mode!  Yes I will eventually learn how to use all the buttons...eventually.

So I think the portrait is complete and looks much nicer in  real life even with the better lighting.  On screen the transitions look much harsher and her neck appears so much lighter than her face but in real life the difference looks quite natural.  I can hardly wait to see it in the matt and frame as I think it is really going to look nice :)

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