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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Engagement Gift Portrait Commission Completed

16x20" Graphite Portrait Commission
Well, you know, maybe it is...I always have to stare at it relentlessly for awhile to be sure.  I slowly darkened the layers.  This paper really takes it's time getting dark but I really like the effect and think it is so worth the effort.

I used to jump in with dark pencils (ie 2b and B) but for this portrait I really tried to use restraint and use 2H, H and eventually HB  leads which allowed me to build up the layers gradually without blending.  Soooo slow...but so worth it :)  Good studio music is a must :)

I must say too, what a great looking couple! I caught myself a few times when I was shifting my cover paper (which protects the drawing areas I am not working on) thinking wow, what a beautiful smile, eyes. nose. 

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