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Friday, April 19, 2013

Graphite Portrait Study for Oil Painting....take 2

Graphite Study - 11x14'
This is my second attempt drawing this portrait as a study for a future oil painting.  The first portrait's proportions were quite off so for this one I really tried to slow down and take the time needed to get things correct at the beginning.  I think it turned out much better this time :)  I also modeled the form more slowly to get a better idea of the structure of her face.

Unfortunately I am working from a photo for this portrait and a lot of the structure is lost in the photo so I tried to really focus on building up her facial features using the knowledge I have been getting from my life drawing classes and anatomy studies.  I need to study anatomy a lot more so expect some strange skull and muscular sketches in the future!

I hope I have learned enough to start the oil painting in the near future.

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