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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bargue Plate Drawing Practice - Plate 2

Plate number 2..done! So hard not to rush, which of course is the whole point of these plates ;) You must work very slowly to really see what is going on and get the proportions and angles correct.  Again, surprisingly simple looking to do which makes you feel like an idiot when you realise, nope, wrong, try again :)

The really nice thing about drawing this as opposed to the practice I am doing such as life drawing and cast drawing is that I have no tempation to jump into form molding which is the fun part.  So I can really focus on the practice of getting the drawings correct which is where I really struggle. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bargue Plate Drawing Practice - Plate 1

Bargue Plate 1
Ok so working through the plates in the Bargue Drawing Book  was supposed to be part of last year's summer To Do list...but I figure better late than never.  This is the first plate in the book and while each plate looks so simple, they take a surprisingly long time to do correctly...and they are not easy!

This is the first plate in the book and I really enjoyed it as I really like the foreshortening.  I have done almost four of the plates so far and am alternating between plate drawing, still life cast drawings and life drawing to keep things interesting.  I would highly recommend the book but if you want to try out a few of the plate drawings before making the investment, there are several copies of the first plate floating around the web to practice from.  Heck the book is worth it even just to admire the beautiful reproductions...as I have been doing for the past four years.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Graphite Portrait Study for Oil Painting....take 2

Graphite Study - 11x14'
This is my second attempt drawing this portrait as a study for a future oil painting.  The first portrait's proportions were quite off so for this one I really tried to slow down and take the time needed to get things correct at the beginning.  I think it turned out much better this time :)  I also modeled the form more slowly to get a better idea of the structure of her face.

Unfortunately I am working from a photo for this portrait and a lot of the structure is lost in the photo so I tried to really focus on building up her facial features using the knowledge I have been getting from my life drawing classes and anatomy studies.  I need to study anatomy a lot more so expect some strange skull and muscular sketches in the future!

I hope I have learned enough to start the oil painting in the near future.