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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Drawing from Life - Graphite Still Life Sketch

Still Life Graphite Sketch
Oh thank goodness I am finally back in the studio! I was beyond feeling all twitchity from separation anxiety and was starting to worry that I may have lost my obsession....safe to say I was wrong ;)
Still Life Setup with New Still Life Table/Bookshelf

I thought I would start with a sketch of a still life that I had started months ago.  I had to move my setup after doing the initial under painting in oil, sigh.  So now I have a dedicated still life bookshelf/table.   After creating several still life boxes and setups out of cardboard, then having to dismantle to make room for commissions, I finally broke down and bought the bookshelf in the photo from IKEA.  Yes I need another piece of furniture like I needed another hole in my head..but...this way I can mark my lighting set up and roll the still life completely out of the way if needed.  It has caster and extra storage below so I can work on multiple still life pieces as the same time as well :)

So I set up the eggs, pitcher and sheet as close as I could to the original setup so that I could continue my oil painting.  Of course it is not exactly the same so I did a sketch to get more familiar with the setup and hopefully it will not be too much trouble to adjust the oil painting...hmm, even I don't believe that as I type ;)
Graphite Pencil Block in of Still Life Setup
I did the block in yesterday on a sheet of strathmore 400 series drawing paper.  They have a new recycled paper that I bought recently, I don't advise using it so be careful when you are out shopping as it looks suspiciously like the original.  The quality is not the same as the regular 400 series and so not worth the frustration even for quick sketches.

I tried to apply the drawing tips I learned in November and I felt pretty good about most of the block in :) I really tried to avoid rushing and drawing around the objects...definitely hard to relearn but oh my god, so much fun!

The final version of the sketch is the graphite drawing at the top which I could have continued working on for several more hours but I think I have enough information to apply to the oil painting. I should post a photo of the painting as well, did not think to get a photo of it.

I did not do any blending and only using three pencils, an H, HB and 2B to slowly build up the form.  I noticed when I did rush areas I ended up spending way more time fixing harsh lines than if I had just taken the time and patience to do it right the first time.  Hmm, how many times have I heard that advice....maybe a few more times and I will listen.

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