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Monday, November 26, 2012

The More I Learn.....

Block In - Life Drawing
.... the more I realize how much I have to learn! Today was the first day of a 5-day workshop with Gregory Mortenson, so exciting :) I spent the afternoon working on the above block-in, which after stepping away from the easel, actually looks not too shabby, in my humble opinion.  Of course most of the nice bits are areas that Gregory fixed after I kept reverting back to my evil old ways of drawing in specific, rounded features rather than focusing on the large shapes using straight lines.

The rest of the students had attended the first week which was spent drawing the model which I so wish I could have attended as I have already learned (if not yet absorbed and applied) so much about drawing and I am really excited to practice more.  So you can look forward to (or dread) many cast drawings in the near future.  I did manage a few shapes on the right side of her face that I am quite proud of and I am so looking forward to tomorrow. 

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