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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cast Study in Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil Cast Study #2
Today I did a quick graphite study of a cast I purchased last year while out Christmas shopping.  I always seem to find stuff for myself when shopping for Christmas gifts...hmmm.

I could go on for hours on this but I forced myself to stop again as my main purpose with these daily sketches it to work on my proportions from life and the quality of my line work.

Unfortunately, I hate measuring and  I love form modeling so I keep getting side tracked and am spending too much time on form but I guess that is my reward for putting in the time each day to practice.

I did a study of this cast yesterday which turned out very badly but I though I would post it anyway.  Notice how I spent more time on the background and shading to avoid the issue of a really poor drawing? Awk ;)  I think I will continue to work on this cast until I am happy with the final sketch and then start shifting it around for practice on different angles.  

Graphite Pencil Cast Study #1

Set up of cast and my next victim

I thought I would post a sketch of my set up as well as I love seeing other artist's set ups.  I am just using natural light from the window on the left and while my easel is at the same level in the photo it is not while I draw as the table the cast is on is too low.  I want to get a bookcase which I can adjust the shelves at eye level depending on whether I am standing or sitting to I can look directly across at my subject as, obviously as you can see in the photo, the errors become glaringly obvious when they are side by side.

The ugly guy above the cast on the table I got a few months back and am looking forward to drawing as well.  He is actually made from plaster and weighs a ton!  The cast on the table is some sort of resin which was a icky brown textured color..so I quickly painted it white, so much better!

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