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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oil Portrait Study - Under Painting

Oil Portrait - Under Painting 8x10"
This is a study I am working on using a limited palette for the under painting.  I am trying to keep it low chroma but not totally washed out as I often end up doing and I think I did a pretty decent job this time.  The model has very light skin so I think that I have not gone too light at this point but will see when I do the more chromatic color layers in the next stage.

Her mouth and nose really need to be adjusted but I will wait until this layer dries as after two attempts to fix them, they ended up getting muddied.  Sadly the mouth was actually really nice and fresh before I tried to adjust it the first time. 

I am surprised at how much I am really enjoying these little studies.  I am learning so much about how to handle the paint, mix skin tones and turn form without the stress of actually having to have anything decent in the end :)

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