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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Graphite Study of Nose

Graphite Pencil Nose Sketch
You may not know it from my lack of blog posts but I have actually been pretty busy in the studio as of late.  I am working on studies as I am really focusing on the old masters method of working in oil, so not much post worthy artwork to say the least.  Learning new techniques is very humbling ;)

This is a little study I did this morning of a nose which I plan to use as a reference for my grisaille oil painting tomorrow.  I am breaking things down into baby steps so I spend more time happy and less time lost, that is the idea anyway!

So I re-learned an old lesson I thought I had learned years ago, don't use waxy transfer paper, argh.  I have been cleaning out my studio and just grabbed a piece of transfer paper rather than using my home made transfer paper, this is just a study after.  Well that was my thinking, of course I spent more time trying to blend the transfer lines into the finished study than I did drawing ;)   Several of the lines still show, hopefully I have learned this lesson for the last time...yes the transfer paper is now in the garbage :)

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