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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graphite Portrait Commission of Father - James Developing The Features

The skin tones have been built up to around 90% completion so now I have started to lay in the layers of graphite for the jacket.  This takes a fair bit of time as if the graphite is added too heavily it can get a shiny appearance that is just not good, so slow & steady it goes :)

I could use charcoal or carbon pencil to get the darkest values but I really like the look of the graphite when it is done so I think it is worth the effort.  Several areas of the face look a little blotchy as I have just added another layer for areas that did not appear dark enough and will blend them in during the next session.

I have started to refine his features slightly, his right eye is getting pretty close to how I want it proportion wise so now I can focus on the form and making it look more three dimensional.  His right eye, nose and mouth still need to be adjusted proportionally but they are not too far off I think.  It is so much nicer working earlier in the date before the heat sets in!  Looking forward to the next update as it will really start to look like him, I did not realize how much I have missed drawing!

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