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Monday, May 14, 2012

Graphite Portrait Commission of Father - James Building Up the Skin Tones

Building Up The Values
Things looks soft and fuzzy right now which is the look I am going for as I build up the layers of graphite to reach a full tonal range of values.  The jacket will be the darkest layer which I will want to get in soon so that I can make sure the other values are dark enough as one the darkest values are laid in it is surprising how everything else seems to fade away.

Once I get a bit more of the depth built up I will start to make sure the features are correct to capture his likeness as right now everything is close, but definitely not there yet :)  Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler in the studio as it has gone from rainy and cold to summer overnight....not complaining that's for sure, I was starting to think summer would never come!

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