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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Oil Study...Big Ear

Oil Study of Ear - 6x6" on Canvas
This is a little oil study of an ear I finished today.  I wanted to take some time to really focus on learning proper techniques for creating shape and form while maintining proper chroma and hues of my skin tones. 

Wow if you think that is a mouthful, try painting it ;) There is so much to focus on when learning a new medium, not to mention working in color rather than monochromatic as I often do. So I bought some cheap little canvases for creating studies. This way I can focus on areas I need to work on without the stress of working on a real painting. 

I plan on doing many of these in the weeks to come.   Once I get more comfortable, I think I will use better quality canvases or prepare some small panels so that the paint flows more easily.  All in all though these are fun to do as they do no take as long as a full painting and, I hope, will be good references when working on real paintings.  I am not sure if it is just my laptop settings as on my monitor in my studio the skin tones are much closer to the original study.  Here they seem quite washed out, whereas on the study there are really pretty orangish and reddish hues peaking through in areas...hmmm  

So in real life, I am quite happy with the skin tones, not so much in the photo.  Areas I am not happy with are my dealing with edges and some of the transitional areas which are too harsh for my liking.  So I think I will move onto the next study and focus more on these areas going forward, so excited to start the next one!

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