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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a totally awesome weekend!

David Gray and his portrait....and mine :)
I am still decompressing from David Gray's workshop on Whidbey Island hosted by the lovely Cary Jurriaans of Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio.  David is an AMAZING artist who also is an AMAZING teacher!  I learned so much in three days and I am sure I will continue to have things pop up in my head from the weekend for some time to come.

It was pretty challenging as I have never drawn with charcoal (other then the week before the workshop in a panic ;)) and then to paint from such a loose image was really an eye opener.

That is my portrait, actually not too bad, I was expecting worse.  I figured if  it looks human in the end and I learn lots I will be happy, so I am pretty happy....although other than the image here the painting may never see the light of day again ;)  Also, we all drew for easels so those of you that know me, no I did not ambush him and grab the closest easel to him :)  It was quite handy though as I was able to lean back at times and see what a painting should look like :)

Apparently I am much more stubborn than I would like to admit as even though I would tell myself I would draw/paint the way David was showing us, I kept reverting back to my old ways...argh :)

I redrew my portrait several times as I kept smudging it off by accident.  Apparently that is the beauty of vine charcoal in that is erases so easily :)  I then repainted my portrait several times as well but I learned so much that I really didn't mind whereas usually I would have been so frustrated.

There is so much to see when working from a live model which makes it really challenging but what a great experience.  I am definitely going to try painting in my life drawing sessions in the future as well as some more self portraits, although I need a break at looking at myself for awhile after doing so many self portrait drawings!

I really, really enjoyed David's process and will be spending all my spare time trying to absorb as much of what he tough as possible.  He spent a fair bit of the first day teach us to draw using the sight sizing method which I have read about many times but never really tried and I really enjoyed it, even though it is hard to break my old ways :)  David was also full of great tips and exercises which really helps break things down to more manageable pieces, now it is just putting in the time...and more time....and more time ;)

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