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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Life Drawing - Self Portrait #3

I was pretty busy getting all my paintings ready for the show this weekend and life drawing on Tuesday night so this is the first chance I got to work on my self portrait mission.

I thought changing the pose a touch my make me look more mellow and slightly less crazed as I get a little intense looking when drawing from life it seems.  Especially a self portrait as normally I sing while I work but it is hard to draw yourself when you are constantly moving.

I started this drawing very differently than usual in that after the arabesque (the outline shape of the head) I blocked in the major shapes with dark flat graphite and then refined the features as areas progressed.  I really enjoyed working this way and have seen it done many times but thought I would be too lost if I did not get the landmarks in first. I was pleasantly surprised :)

I would have liked to have it more refined and have the hair a little less crazy looking but I am trying to keep my sessions to 2 hours or less.  I think the proportions turned out not too bad and it came more easily than usual so that is nice. Perhaps practicing more often (what a shock) really does work ;)

At the end of the session I stood up and saw a ton of flaws....always stand back and get a good look, I may need to tape that on my easel.  I started standing at life drawing sessions with the real models and really like it so I need to try to remember to do it at home.  Also I really want to try to use charcoal, graphite and white chalk next time if I remember.

I actually thought this project was going to be a chore but well worth the effort whereas I am actually enjoying the process so much I may have to keep doing these little drawings at least once or twice a month.

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