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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still Life Oil Painting - Cherries in Progress

This is one of the oil paintings I am working on right now and it is maybe at the midway point? I really have no idea so will see how it progresses ;)  I like to paint in layers so I need to let each layer dry before adding the next layer or I will end up with mud so I am working on several paintings at once. 

So even though by looking at my blog posts it may seem like I have been lazy and not getting much done....really I am doing stuff :)

I am starting to feel happy with the way the colors are progressing but am keeping this painting simple...well that was the idea.  The surface that the cherries are sitting on..can you guess what it is?...is turning out to be a fair bit more work than I anticipated but I think it is starting to take shape.

I worked on three paintings this morning so I should have a few more posting throughout the week to prove that I have been working :)

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