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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oil Portrait of Girl - Underpainting

Under Painting - Oil on 16x16" Canvas
Well I had planned on working on a few paintings today but this under painting ended up taking up the whole day! But well worth it I think for what I learned from it.  Several areas are off as far as the tonal values are concerned but I will have to fix it in the next layer as I did not want to wear out the canvas :) I also need to soften areas such as hairline, lips etc but I figured this is a good base to start with.  I am sure it is much more detailed than it needs to be for the first layer but hopefully will make the additional layers easie.

This is my second attempt at this portrait in oil as the first one got obliterated when I tried to add the second layer to it so hopefully this time will be much smoother ;)

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