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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life Drawing - Self Portrait #2

Well I thought this one did not turn out much better than the first self portrait as things look so wonky....then I saw it beside the first self portrait, oh my! 

Life drawing is very humbling! But I think I am making good progress already, ahem, especially compared to the 1st one ;)  The proportions are definitely closer so hopefully  I am training my eyes to judge better.  I did try again to use a knitting needle for measuring but I am just so shaky and my eyes kept bugging out trying to distinguish the real needle from the reflection so I just did the width and length of the head roughly and went from there.

I am definitely spending way more time on the shading and building form because it is just so much fun! But I will keep trying to focus more on the blocking in as that is the area I struggle with the most. 

But I must admit, drawing from life is so much more fun when I can see the details.  I really struggle in the life drawing with a model as I can not see very far. So I am searching for a good set of compact binoculars for close range viewing.  I am really excited to try them out on Tuesday, assuming I can find something I can afford!

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