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Friday, October 28, 2011

Life Drawing - Self Portrait #1

Ok, so the proportions are pretty off (I blame the model who kept getting up every 2 minutes to get a kid something...) but for my first self portrait from life, not too bad :)

This was a quick sketch, roughly 40 minutes and I used really cheap paper and only an HB pencil.  I actually quite liked how the graphite blended on the paper considering it is just cheap stuff.  I had to be careful though as I kept smudging areas by accident as my kid stole my mahl stick to use for a fishing rod.  It was actually quite cute as he actually asked for it by name, he is 4.5 so pretty funny, but it kept him busy so I could draw :)

I am super excited to be going to David Gray's Workshop near the end of November...but, my life drawing sucks. I go to life drawing weekly, if possible, but I can not see very far so working portraits is tricky as I can't make out the details. So I figured I better bone up quickly and what better way than drawing from life (or mirror) hopefully every day until the workshop. So I should really be able to improve my life drawing skills so that I can focus on painting not trying to fix a really bad drawing and I will have a nice little self portrait collection.

When I set up the mirror for this I put it right next to my easel and as close to me as possible so I could see clearly.  Of course after I got going I realized that of course I could not take great measurements so I just eye balled it for this portrait...if I could just move my right eye over more....argh.  For the next one I will plan ahead and leave more time so that I can set up the mirror with enough distance to practice my sight sizing....something I have never done but have always wanted to learn so what better time than now.

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