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Monday, September 19, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Girlfriend - Facial Features

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I am still building up the skin tones a bit more and have added several more glazes to her hair.  I will leave the hair now and once her face is complete will add a few additional wisps and highlights if needed.

Her skin tone is still being built up slowly and I have started adding color to her lips and eyes.  They will be softened a touch and her eye color and lashes and brows will be darkened but not until the final skin color has been completed.  It takes a fair bit of patience not to keep going while the paint is wet as it needs to be dry for the way I work to add the final touches.  So I am just bringing her around the house with me to mentally paint the next steps :)


Lisa Lorenz said...

Hey Tracey..just dropping in...I have been pretty busy and I see you are also. This is gorgeous work! Love the glow on her!

Tracey said...

Hey Lisa, long time no chat! I have not been outside of facebook in some time, bad me. I was just peeking at your Colours of Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre and my son leans over and says ooooohhh look at all the pretty patterns, lol his is 4.5, then he progressed to say all of the things he likes about this painting, the boats, the tunnels, the river... to cute :)