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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watercolor Painting Demo at Burnaby Artist Guild Tonight

Better Days - $460.00
16x20" Framed Watercolor on Arches Paper
I am all packed up and ready for tonight's demo at the Burnaby Artist Guild tonight.  Luckily I did a double check and noticed now rather than tonight that I left my palette with all of my paints squeeze out on my table, wew that would have been embarrassing!

I had planned on painting a flower for the demo but felt it was pretty boring to watch so I decided a painting similar to Better Days.  I have changed the composition slightly and will vary the techniques to show another version of the same reference photo, I guess it would be called a series ;)

Now hopefully the rain will stay at bay and I will have nice weather for the drive!


andrea said...

How did it go? (Send me an email.) I am so glad I pulled out now. I had a feeling my dad wouldn't last the month and if I'd kept this gig I'd have had to pull out anyway!

Tracey said...

Hey I have been meaning to email you, but instead I have been fixing my ENTIRE website as for some strange reason the include files are no longer being called - even though I did not change ANYTHING, argh :)

I think it went really well thanks again for the referral I did not realize you had been scheduled that is too bad :( I plan on posting my demo piece once I get my site fixed up.

I would love to see you demo, maybe PMAA or Art Focus can drag you out this way in the future.

Stencil Art said...

Thanks for all the work you do on this list and I am excited to be here. I appreciate your work here.

Tracey said...

Thanks glad you are enjoying it :)