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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Watercolor Memorial Dog Portrait - Painting the Bushes

Several layers of various shades of green have been added to the background bushes and I have just started laying in gradated washes in the middle ground which extends all the way up to the top of the trees.  This should result in the middle ground slowly receding and the bush area being more diffused to look like distant trees.

Each layer has to dry which even in this heat takes a bit of time so it requires a bit of patience to wait but I think it will be worth the effort :)  While the glazes are drying I have been building up the details on the flowers in the foreground.  Each detail layer also needs to dry for the flowers, I realized after doing several layers which just blended into each other. Some of the shadow areas look quite dark right now on the flowers but once glazed over with several think glazes of yellow, they should look quite nice.

Usually I can get away with this method but with the yellow values it just not seem to work, even though I am using darker values which have been grayed down for the shadows.  So, good thing there are many of the flowers to paint so that I can jump around from flower to flower while the first ones dry.

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