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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Watercolor Memorial Dog Portrait - Golden Retriever Brandi Completed

This portrait of Brandi was commissioned as a memorial portrait for my clien't, Lee's mother. She was a much loved dog by both his mom and Lee's family and I am sure she will be missed. Lee is a super nice guy and is also a dog trainer . Check out his website at Dynamite Dogs

Well I think I spent more time painting the flowers than I did Brandi!   I did several more layers on each flower and ended up repainting them a few times as I was not happy with the first few times as they just looked flat.  I think the effort paid off now and I am quite happy with them now.

I also added more texture and variation to the grassy area and filled in the bushes in the background.  Last but not least I did a few touch ups to Brandi and I think this painting in now complete!  My client will be having a look at it tonight so I will keep staring at it for awhile to see if anything pops out.  If not it will be ready just in time for the party tomorrow so he can give it to his mom :)

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