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Monday, August 29, 2011

What a great day!

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I spent the day yesterday at Thunderbird Show Park watching the most amazing horse jumping and taking a zillion photos.  I have always wanted to see live horse jumping and it is one of the few sports that I enjoy watching on TV.  It is only a half an hour from my place to Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park, one of North America's premier equestrian facilities, how lucky am I!?!?!?

I have never been before so I was not sure what to expect and I assumed we would have to sit on a bleacher and watch from quite a distance.  Nope, we could walk around the entire ring, stables and warm up area, totally awesome!

I got some amazing photos of the jumps as well as some great close ups of the horses in the warm up area warming up and after the show relaxing, about 800 photos actually.  After the show was great as they were tuckered out so stayed still a bit longer for some great close up shots.  The last show of the season is in September so I hope to get a new zoom lens for my camera and head out again so I can get some better shots of the horses taking the jumps without having to lie on the ground with my head and camera stuck under the fence :)

I have had an itch to paint horses for the longest time but of course needed the right reference photos....now to sort through them all.  I see a lot of horse paintings in my future :)


andrea said...

We passed by there yesterday and it reminded me that I want to do exactly that! Next time you go there for a field trip let me know!

Tracey said...

That would be great to go together :) There is an all Arabian Show Sept 1-4 and I am thinking of going Sept 1 as I will be in the area. Have no idea what the show is like but LOVE arabians!

andrea said...

They are the most elegant of horses. Unfortunately Sept. 1st is my volunteer day -- at a horse rescue place!

Tracey said...

Bummer! I will let you know next time I go as several different events there over the next few months so I hope to make at least one more :)