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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watercolor Memorial Dog Portrait - Golden Retriever Brandi - Field and Bushes

Adding Texture and Depth - Click to Enlarge
The bushes look pretty abstract right now but by building up lots of texture and the darks will add more depth and anchor the bushes so they do not feel too light.  Many layers have been built up using a variety of greens which lean from cool to warm.  Once dry, I will be able to add more of the details in the bushes for the individual shapes. 

The field in the middle ground has also had several layers of texture added in several shades of green and yellow.  Adding the texture again will help to add depth to the grassy area and gives the illusion of grass rather than a flat green expanse.  The dandelions have been suggested in areas and I will continue to add more flowers at this level.  Then once dry, I will add some brighter flowers as well to add another dimension to the middle ground.

Then I can work on the foreground flowers which will have the most detail.  I will also then work more on the layers of Brandi's fur and facial features. 

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