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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Studio Ramblings - Keeping Mediums & Solvents Handy

I thought I would post this little tip as it is so nice not to have to muck about with solvent and medium cups and bottles.  I got these little bottles as the art store for under $2 and use them to keep my mediums, mineral spirits and walnut oil right next to my palette.

As they are squeeze bottles there is less room for air if kept squeezed out of the bottle.  Also it is nice to have the mineral spirits in the squeeze bottle so I don`t have to worry about the fumes (my studio is in my home and I have kids so the less fumes the better). 

The walnut oil I keep as well mostly just for cleaning out my brushes between colors, much easier on the brushes than using mineral spirits.

I work with several different mediums (watercolor, graphite pencil, oil and acrylic) often at the same time and on the same easel so it is nice to have everything in portable small containers.  I just pop them into a clear plastic shoe box with my brushes and slide them onto a shelf in one of my bookcases.  I have a separate shelf for each medium (well for the stuff I use most often) so when I change mediums, I just grab a shoe box from the shelf.  Now if only I could get the rest of my house half as organized, I could spend more time painting :)

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