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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let there be Light.....

5000K T8 Florescent Bulbs
So after one of my lights that I clamp on my easel fell off at exactly the same moment as my client rang my doorbell to pick up their commission...I decided enough is enough.  Get decent studio lighting! Luckily it fell backwards and not on my portrait that I spent a zillion hours working on!

I had looked all over town a year or so ago for some decent 5000k bulbs and could not find any.  So I bought some reasonably priced OTT lights at Costco.  Unfortunately I would need to clamp at least 3 of them on my easel to get enough light. 

So I put some daylight bulbs in the above mentioned IKEA fixture which worked great, as long as I remember to keep tightening the clamp every now and then.  Well my memory is not the best these days.

So after my clients left, I ran out and bought a florescent fixture (I NEVER thought I would buy something so hideous) and the daylight bulbs from Home Depot which they did not carry last time I had checked.  Wow, it was like the sun landed in my studio only better.  Nice clean light, no glare, no shadows.  Now why did I not do this years ago! And really, the fixture is not THAT hideous :)

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