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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Mother

This is a very quick watercolor sketch I did last night to work out my color palette for a watercolor portrait commission of my client's mom. This is a photo of his mom when was in her 20's and it is one of her favorite photos of her, no surprise there!

The photo of her at the beach is pretty much unedited other than the background, the sky, water and beach area closest to the water,  which were taken from two other images of my client's.  He is very handy with Photoshop and had it all put together for me, very nice :)

The watercolor sketch is 9x11" in total and her face is less than 1" so please, don't look at her features as this is just for the colors and textures.  The colors on the finished painting which will be 22x28" (painted area will be 15x22") will be built up much slower so that the richness in color, texture and depth will be much nicer. The shapes will be built up so that they are more three dimensional which will allow the colors to be developed more richly as I work in many, many, many layers.  Some artists prefer to just jump in with thick juicy paint but I find for me, I like how the colors build up and allow each layer to show through just a bit creating such a luminosity.  I miss watercolors!

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