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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Kevin's Mom Joyce - Achieving a Likeness

I have been slowly building up the layers of watercolor pigments for Joyce's hair and face and am now really focusing on achieving a likeness as best I can. 

Her hair is pretty much completed, I may add a few wisps and another layer of golden brown but I will wait until the paper is dry to better judge the colors.  Her facial features I getting closer and have more depth but still need to be softened and refined a bit further once this layer is dry.  Her right jaw and cheek may be a touch too rounded?? I will see what my client thinks at this stage as it is much easier to add than remove at this point :)

I added more details to her bathing suit and a few more layers of skin tones. Some of her skin areas need to be softened a touch once dry.  I will then deepen the shadows in the sand and add a touch more depth to some of her figure, using hard and soft edges so that she has more dimension but does not look cut out. 

I darkened the sky and will continue to deepen to give a nice rich blue sky color. Then it is onto the finishing touches on the grass, fence and rocks.  It looks so much prettier in real life than online, the colors are much richer in real life.  I actually surprised myself when I just looked over to my easel after typing this in, I have to figure out how to take better photos!!

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