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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Kevin's Mom Joyce - Building up Facial Features and Hair

More layers have been added getting progressively smaller in scale to create more variety and texture on the wood, grass, rocks and sand.

Her skin tone has been built up further and will be softened and have a bit more dept added back in once her face and hair are brought up to the same level of completion.  The cute green bikini has had it's first layers painted and I will continue to deepen and add shape to it.

I have started laying in the initial washes on her face and hair.  I think her right side is still a touch too round so once dry I will make another pass to bring her jawline in just a touch making it more straight lined to the chin than rounded as it is now. Also on her left side, the blue bleed a touch into her jawline so it is looking a touch too narrow now so I will lift it out once dry as well.  Her eyes look a little wobbly right now as well as I need to lay in the pigment and then refine again once dry so that things look more natural and not blotchy.

It is a bit of a slow process when adding in the details in a small area like this (1x3/4") so it is really important not to rush in and try to make corrections and adjustments until the paper is completely dry as with watercolor, the pigments bleed very easily, so patience is key.  Have I mentioned I am not the most patient person, luckily there are lots of other areas to work on to distract me :)

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