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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Kevin's Mom Joyce -Initial Wash of Watercolor

I have added an initial wash of color over the entire sand area adding texture as I am applying the middle value color of the sand.  I will add several more layers adding shadows in the sand and lifting out highlights to add shape and depth. 

The grass is starting to take shape near the rocks and I will add more wisps and continue to add more depth.  Shadows will be added in the sand to anchor the grass in as well, right now they appear to be floating a bit. 

Another wash has been added to the sky and cloud area and once dry I will add at least one to three more layers in the sky.

In the water, more depth was created and the colors evened out more and I think looks quite nice at this stage. I may continue to work it further once the rest of the painting is brought up to the same level but I will have to judge it then. 

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