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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Kevin's Mom Joyce - First Layers of Watercolor

I am building up the layers of color in the water, rocks and sand and thought I would take a photo of the progress even though they have a fair ways to go.  The water in the back will be deepened a fair bit while the water in the front will have more layers of blue added so that you just see bits of the green water peeking through.  The water in the front is shallower so the green of the water shows through more in areas from the light reflecting through.  I will also add a few hits of green in the deeper water once the blue is as dark as I would like it.

The base of the rocks and sand have also been established and they will be built up with more texture and depth.

I did a few refinements to Joyce's face and hair for the resemblance, although more may still be needed.

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