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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer To Do List - Item #1 Charles Bargue Drawing Course

Well I have not been able to get much time in the studio over the past two days for drawing or painting so I have been sneaking in off and on to clean up here, reorganize there and set up my "wish list" of things I want to do over the summer.

I have been very busy this year with commissions and teaching  so I thought if I do not schedule in some time to do this drawing course it is never going to happen! I bought the book a couple of years back as I knew I had to have it. It was quite pricey as far as art books go but I am very good at justifying just about any art expense :)

I will not get through the entire course this summer but I hope to block out at least a week, a couple hours a day, to jump in and tackle some of the exercises.  The book teaches the classical realism style of drawing which is both accurate and sculptural.  The lessons are well written and gives specific practical instruction which any artist beginner or advanced can benefit from so I am pretty excited to be finally making the time for this one.  I plan on posting my work (hopefully my drawings will not suck too bad ;)) on my blog as I complete each cast. My goal is to improve my accuracy with measurement (sight sizing) and create more sculptural work both in my drawings and paintings.

My only complaint about this book is I wish they had printed the casts in a separate area so that they could be scanned for printing more easily.  It is such a huge book that it is tricky to get images scanned from my printer so that I have a decent printout to work from.  I could work directly from the book for some of the casts but some need to be enlarged in order to really capture all of the details.  Plus it is a little large to lug around as I plan to do some of my work  "on the run". On the plus side, I should have nicely toned arms (or more likely arm) by the end of summer :)

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