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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Studio Ramblings - My Flat Storage System

 I have been meaning to post photos of my swanky flat file storage system for awhile now.  I was previously using shelves in my closet for my flat storage.  It was a bit of a waste of space though as the shelves were quite deep and I always had to take out matts and paper from the top of the stack to get to the lower ones and I kept banging the edges which is not good at all.  This is an old photo of the closet shelves, they are crammed full of stuff now, ugh.

I had planned on building my own flat file storage as all the pre-built storage that I saw was just ridiculously expensive.  So off I went to the hardware store.   I found these great shoe racks, on sale, that were quite reasonably priced and all I had to do is screw in the screws, no power tools involved, I was sold.
I bought 6 of them and put them all together so that I could easily fit 22x30" sheets on each shelf.  I thought I would need to use a clamp to hold them together but they fit snugly and don't wiggle around at all when I am taking stacks of paper in and out.  I wait until the big stacks of Arches and other papers go on sale so I have a shelf for each different type of paper, no more lifting stacks in and out to get to the stack I need, so nice. 

This is a close up, actually I think I may have bought 9 of the, hmm it has been awhile. The space between my bookcases and the edge of the drafting table I can store panels, frames and foam core for shipping commissions.
The whole system fits perfectly under my drafting table which used to be wasted space and I can easily take out a shelf or two to use for display when I do Artisan Fairs.

I propped one of my larger acrylic paintings in front "hide" the shelves, and I like looking at it :)  I do all of my messy work on my drafting table, prepping boards/canvases and abstract acrylic paintings so I can really have much on the wall above the drafting table.  But I am hoping to have paint charts (that are on my to do list to paint) displayed there so that if they get the odd splash of paint on them no big deal.

Oh and that is my studio companion Tiger :)


andrea said...

You are brilliant! And I love the photo of Tiger 'guarding' the space. What hardware store?

Tracey said...

lol yup I am either brilliant or extremely closterphobic...maybe a bit of both :)

I got them from Home Depot, http://www.homedepot.ca/product/31-in-horizontal-organizer-antique-white/912959 and I ended up buying 9 to fit the 22x30" with extra breathing room.

Tiger is so funny, big softy, he forces affection out of everyone :)