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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watercolor Portrait of Kevin's Mom Joyce - Building up Colors and Depth

I have been working all over the paper now adding shadows and depth here and there and building up the color in the grass, rock, sand and skin tones.  Her skin looks a touch too orange right now (moreso online than in real life) but that will even out in the next few layers.  Mores shadows have been added but need to be softened still at the base of the grassy areas and rock to anchor them in.  Next I will add more depth again and a bit more variety in color and hard and soft edges.

I am also building up the details and color on the fence and adding more subtle shadows behind it so it does not look like it is floating as there is a very strong contrast between the sand and fence colors right now.  By lowering the chroma of the sand and grass area behind the fence the fence will appear to be settled into the sand and the viewer's eye will not be pulled away from the main subject, Joyce :)

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