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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graphite Memorial Portrait Commission - Gagan Update #1

I have been giving Rocky's portrait a break for a bit and started on Gagan's.  I think Gagan's portrait is roughly at the same level of completion as Rocky's which is the value ranges have been established and the form has been mostly built up, I would say about 80% complete for both?  What is left is the more subtle work, refining the portraits and capturing more likeness, adding texture in areas and smoothing other areas to get a full range of texture and value.

Gagan's hairline is roughly set in and now I will start smaller wisps which will allow it to look more natural along his forehead.  His eyebrows and facial hair also needs to be shaped and softened but wanted to check with my client to make sure the general shape of his beard is what she is after as the reference photo was much more grown out.  Rocky's resemblance is still off but is getting closer.  I wanted to get Gagan brought up as his skin tone is darker than Rocky's so it helps to have the full range of tonal values to break up the white paper which was making Rocky look darker than he is.  I think his hairline still needs to be brought down a touch as well.  I brought it down a bit but it still looks a little high.  I will add more shadow to his forehead and see if that helps first :) His teeth have not been touched yet so they are jumping off the page, but that will get better ;)

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