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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Graphite Memorial Portrait Commission - Rocky Update #2

I know I said I would leave Rocky for a bit to get fresh eyes but ugh, I could not leave him in such a state! I have started pulling out the highlights and refining his facial features but things are still a ways off.  I have removed his chin (thank goodness) as it really was throwing everything off and made it really hard to concentrate on the rest of his face. I think is right side jaw line could be slightly fuller but I will see what my client thinks.  I think his left side is pretty close now on the jawline, once I have done more work on his lips and upper lip I will re-evaluate his cheek.

I have darkened the sides of his nose a bit more but I think his right side especially could be darkened more in areas to give more depth and capture the shape more closely.

The lips still need to be taken down a notch in value and blended into the skin more in areas.  I think the bottom lip on his left side needs to be slightly fuller  and the angles softened on his top lip.  The stubble above his lip needs to be softened as well but it seems to not want to cooperate so I will let the paper settle a bit before softening further. 

I think the left side of his hairline needs to come in further, will check with my client as the photo I have does not really show his hair on that side.  I felt it needed to be thicker and was thinking more on the outside of his head but now I am thinking if the hairline were brought in further to be more similar to his right side that may do it for the hair line.  Then I can lighten and soften the values as it is looking a little cut and paste right now which is hard to look at!


andrea said...

I laughed at your "I could not leave him in such a state!" I know that feeling exactly. Guess we're just hypersensitive!

Tracey said...

I know we are a crazy bunch us artists. I guess that is what keeps us at the easel even after we can no longer feel our toes ;)