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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graphite Memorial Portrait Commission - Rocky Update

I have been working on Rocky's portrait for the better part of the date and thought I had better post an update!  I am working from 3 different reference photos to try to capture his features.  His hair still needs a fair bit of work but I did not go any further on it until my client has a look as the photo of the hair that I am using is a different angle than the photo I am using for his face and the photo I am using for his face, has his hair in a turban.  So to make a long story short, I think the top may need to be filled out more and his right hand side of hair need to be filled out.

I have slimmed down his face from how it appears in the reference photo and I am not sure the area under his chin needs to be darkened or if his chin needs to be lightened as once I slimmed him down a bit, this area is really screaming at me.  I need to leave it alone for a bit to see if it starts screaming something useful ;)

I also think his lips may be over pronounced but it is tricky to see in the reference photo as his lips blur into his skin so I will see what my client says about the shape before doing any further adjustments.  His moustache stubble does need to be softened and the area just above his lips is a little too bright right now but I want to wait again on this for fresh eyes to make further adjustments.

I will move onto Gagan's portrait and come back to Rocky once my eyes are fresher :)

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