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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watercolor Portrait for Grandparents - Refining the Features Further

I have done a great deal of refining each subjects features but still a long way to go!  The son on the far left needs to be softened much more and his features refined to better capture his likeness. 

The grandmother is closer to being completed but still need some of her features softened and refined.  The portrait of the son sitting on grandpa is getting closer but his eyes, nose and mouth still need to be softened and his cheek plumped up and softened.  His hair on the top looks really odd right now and needs to be darkened more to fit in with the hair closer to the viewer.  Then his clothing and arms will be darkened.

The grandfather's features have been built up and are close to being completed but will be softened in areas and the back of his neck needs to be darkened further.  I will also darken the couch further to match the other cushion.  In the reference photo one cushion is dark and the other is light but I think it distracted from the subjects too much so I will treat them as the same material.


Vanessa said...

I always love how you capture hair. It's looking good Tracey! How long on average do your pencil portraits take?

Tracey said...

Thanks Vanessa :) Hair is so much fun isn't it, almost relaxing to paint once you get in the zone :)

My pencil portraits used to take me about 20 hrs per portrait (crazy!) now they take me anywhere from 8-15 hrs depending on the size and complexity.

A good quality photo makes such a HUGE difference. May not save me anytime but sure makes the process more fun :)