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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Graphite Portrait Commission of Daughter - Finishing Touches

8x10" Graphite Portrait Commission
Anniversary Gift

Well this commission portrait probably seems like it came together so quickly but really it was just many hours packed into a short time ;)  I will leave her sit for a bit to see if anything pops out that may need to be changed. Of course as I am typing this I can't stop peeking for edits and I think I will darken her right side a bit more.  Oh and how did that happen, the curl on her right side became one long ringlet, that will need to be fixed as well.  Sometimes I get a little carried away with the hair because it is so much fun to draw.  Then I will see if my client has any changes she would like.

I know I already mentioned it but man what a difference working from a clear, good quality photo makes.  Although it takes me the same time to complete the portrait, I get to spend my time focusing on what I see, not trying to figure our what I see because the image is blurry.  For commission work, often the piece of art is a surprise so often the photo quality can not be helped.  But if it can, boy it makes a difference so I will keep harping on that ;)

It does not hurt at all that she is totally adorable too.  This is my favorite age, the two's, I don't get why they are called terrible two's they are so darn cute!  Makes me almost want to have another one....almost.

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